OBJ trade value

What’s Odell Beckham JR’s value in dynasty after the trade to Cleveland?

Honestly probably the highest it’s been for a couple of years if not ever. He’s moving to a better team, a better run team, with a better QB and no major threats to his alpha WR1 status.

Plus the AFC north is up for grabs on paper with the Steelers losing Brown and Bell, Ravens moving to a new system on offence and losing defensive players and the Bengals with a new coach, QB questions, and a few good players the Browns should be very competitive this year if the Steelers and Ravens can’t reload and compete asap.

In dynasty terms he’s still the number 3 WR behind Hopkins and Adams but it’s super close now and there isn’t a ‘wrong’ pick between those three.

He offers week winning upside, should be a top 10 WR as a floor and his ceiling is the number 1 WR on the year so unless you can get an absolute boat load in return his price should always be too high for almost every dynasty league save for maybe 8 team leagues but even then…

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I agree with @James89
Simply, OBJ went from a low end WR1 with QB questions to a top 3 option at the position.
My early WR ranks, as of now, are:
Michael Thomas
T. Hill

Before the trade, I saw OBJ behind Evans, AB, and maybe even AJ Green


As another viewpoint to the OP question…

From a macro view I have ranked Hopkins and OBJ as 1a and 1b for a couple years. Moving them around in dynasty did not make sense to me. However from a micro view their value does fluctuate. Most obvious while OBJ was injured or during down games in 2018 with Eli or when the media made a deal about a kicking net.

Adams, IMO, is not as skilled as either Hop or OBJ. He would be the top of my tier 2 ranks. Along with Evans, Thomas and Hill.

The end result is that you should receive startup 1.01 value for OBJ. I.e. a treasure chest.

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He was my 1:01 in the very same dynasty league I’m talking about.

I don’t want to take over this thread, but it’s related. Would a trade of Gurley for OBJ in dynasty full PPR be a good trade at this point? Now with Gurley’s knee concerns, and OBJ’s bump in value, I’m curious how people view that.


I wouldn’t trade OBJ for Gurley unless it was Gurley++++. I had someone reach out to me in my league inquiring what his tag would be. My response was Odell for Saquon/2019 1st or Odell/Damien Williams/1:06 for Hilton/CMC/1:08/1:10/2021 1st. It’s a price WAY too high.

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If you are the one getting OBJ i would trade Gurley for him without major hesitation (depending on my RB core) but as you say the knee issues will not go away and while he could be very efficient and effective on 15-20 touches per game like a Kamara his shelf live sadly has been capped.

Also losing Saffold and next season Whitworth i think could have an impact on the Rams run game and offense as well. If someone is willing to take the risk on Gurley i’d cash in for as much as possible if it was me, and he would be a buy low for a win now roster as he may only have 1-2 high end seasons left now.

To @Martdog88’s point OBJ would carry too high a price tag to even be able to trade for now, it would cripple the other roster to get him.