OBJ vs Keenan Allen rest of season?

What’s everyone’s view here? I’ve got a trade offer in which i gain OBJ but what does everyone think of him ROS and week to week is he worth it? I also have an offer to get Keenan Allen not sure what’s best, it’s standard so i lean OBJ… but he’s in meltdown mode and i worry he’ll cost me in the end

Bumping up, two trades pending really on the fence here

I think Allen can only go up. Like he did last year.

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Based on the below trade thread would you go Allen or OBJ?

I like the Keenan and Aaron side. Aaron is their best back by far.

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I agree on Jones but after last nights appalling usage by GB I’ve lost all faith he will be anything more than an emergency bye week play at best…

Interesting people leaning Allen now, this morning it was all OBJ!

Feel like OBJ is getting the Jarvis treatment.

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Aaron Jones is a victim of bad coaching right now and I hope Mccarty gets his sh** together and starts playing him for real. Once he does, Jones becomes a RB1-2

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This could be true… looks the Giants have major issues internally from top to bottom, that organisation never used to be but is a mess right now! that’s more of my concern than the talent of OBJ, this is the type of situation the variables need to be taken into account…

Aaron Jones is a victim of bad coaching right now and I hope Mccarty gets his sh** together and starts playing him for real. Once he does, Jones becomes a RB1-2
Agreed @quintana22 hopefully they will shape up after the bye week…

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I’m not so sure it’s bad coaching, as their offense is producing, however imbalanced. It dawned on me last night, watching that game, that the GB RB situation may never have value. AJ is a great talent in a system that doesn’t need or prioritize him. It’s as if they use him just enough to be a play action decoy. Can fantasy owners of AJ (me included) ever anticipate a change in that direction? My fear is no.

It’s a real tough spot to be in, as you obviously can’t drop him, he has no production to lean on for trade value, and you don’t want him clogging your lineup. Cohen is the clear winner of this RB trade. He is nice talent in an offense that is prone to utilizing his skill set, and it’s showing, almost weekly.


In my humble opinion. i lean to the Allen side.

  1. hes in the better offense
  2. he has the better qb
  3. the talent is CLOSE
  4. the volume is there

and i havent even gotten to the part where obj is melting down and it could get ugly in new york. reasons im skeptical for OBJ

  1. giants offense is Saquon
  2. eli sucks
  3. the talent is obviously there… but the opportunity is not
  4. hes a baby. i understand things are bad for the g men… but this man just got PAID. he basically needs to act happy after getting that money imo. you dont just walk off the field early before half. you dont cause a scene on the sidelines like some premadonna. that stuff tears a team apart. imagine what hes going to be doing/ saying in 3 weeks from now… in 6 weeks from now.

id rather avoid OBJ. the oppurtunity seems tasty… but idk.

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@poopmczachy @quintana22 @joeshmoe92 @Caveman45 Thanks for this input guys. I have to say getting Cohen in the mix would be nice and may round out my core, the guy who owns OBJ is a massive Packers homer and wanted Allison over Baldwin so i could potentially grab Cohen for Allison here anyway and end up with Allen/Jones/Cohen back for Gronk and Allison - who i was thinking to drop anyway - does that sway it more to Allen’s side here?

Leave the OBJ headache with the current owner? He also has James White who may be up for grabs for Allison so i’ll try for either.

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