OBJ worth targeting in keeper league?

12 team league, 0.5ppr. OBJ owner offered a 9th and OBJ for a 4th and Ruggs, thoughts? OBJ would be a potential 8th round keeper. Difficult to assess with his injury history, hasn’t panned out well. Other potential 8th round keepers on my team are Herbert, AJ Dillon, Rashaad Penny (both situational depending on contracts/FA), Perine. Max 3 keepers, first two will be Kamara (1st) and Robinson (12th).

Would you draft OBJ in the 4th if you drafted today? I don’t know if I would

No he would be an 8th round pick next year

But you would lose your 4th round pick with this trade. So the trade is essentially you drafting OBJ in the 4th

Touché that’s a good way to put it, wouldn’t do that then.

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