Odb, DJ or saquan? Who to keep/Target

For the most part we are saying the same thing about Eli. I am just saying Eli was as good as he was those years because of OBJ, and that without him he is not as good. So using those years to support the idea Eli is above average does not track with me. To me it has been OBJ giving ELi those stats. In other words, Eli is not above average but OBJ is that good. That was all I was saying.

Also, I said OBJ just has to be as good, NOT better, to be a stud. He already is one. With Eli being average at best these past few years, that production is not as hard to replicate. I said that an improvement at QB should help him out. Not that it is easy to find a QB. But there are good QBs entering the league. Not all, but some. And some of them can be average or better. At this point, average is where Eli is IMHO at this point in his career. At no point did I say putting in any QB would equal 1600 and 20. I think you are just looking to fight where there is no fight.

As to QBs, I think that Tyrod is a solid QB and maybe not long for CLE. I can see maybe Winston not staying long in his location. Veteran can be someone like Keenum / Bradford coming over. Or maybe an unproven backup like Jimmy G getting a shot. But I have no way of knowing what Veterans might want to slide in. I did not expect some of the QB moves this offseason, but they happened. But I never said anything about an elite QB needing to take over the NYG, just a veteran could. I also said it does not have to be a rookie, not that it cannot be a rookie.

Again, I am not so clear as to what is putting you on tilt, but I hope you get it sorted. As stated, just a different way to build a roster and also I do think DJ is a stud. OBJ is currently a stud and does not need an upgrade at QB to be better. Never said taking a top 4 RB is a bad strategy or that no one should do it. AZ has me concerned but not calling for end of days. Eli is average for the last few years. Possibly a QB might want to go to NYG to play with a potentially powerful offense (veteran or a rookie).

Frankly, my statements at best are waffling with leniency. Really unsure where the argument is. Do what you like and draft how you want. No one knows the future regardless of how strong their beliefs are. I was just trying to give to original poster some alternate views to consider.

Not sure which part of the above suggested I’m on tilt? Cause not tilted lol, just debated some back and forth. Also didn’t look for a fight, you expressed an opinion and I had some back and forth. I just don’t see a near term solution to a veteran (given the free agent market) sliding in there to improve on OBJ’s production. Like you said, he is already a complete stud and has a good rapport with Eli. Definitely possible some unproven guy emerges like Jimmy G, just find those instances to be more then exception than the norm. If you were to tell me Eli going to play another 3-4 years even at his current average / below average level as has been shown, i’d actually be more comfortable with that from a fantasy production perspective than not knowing who’s going to be there, whether its Webb or Lauletta or any of those you named above. Except maybe Winston, that would be kinda interesting to see.

Sorry for the lag. Cool. Must just be tone and typing not syncing in my reading. No problem!

Seeing Winston there would be very interesting to me as well. Given the current perception of temperatures in TB, he might be on the hot seat. While I get Winston might be ‘risk’ he does have upside as a passer.