Odd proposal from another, no?

.5 ppr - I’d give away Andrews and Crowder and I’d get Singletary, Gore and Graham? The member really wants Andrews but that I don’t see the upside for me. He has Ridley and Kirk, I don’t get the two Bills players in this proposal. Thoughts?

RBs- CMC, Bell Bench- White, McCoy, Guice (IR-soon to be back)
WRs- Godwin, Golladay, Bench- Tyrell Williams
TE Bench- Herndon

Now he countered Ridley and Graham for Andrews. I feel like he should throw in Singletary to make this even great for me. Thoughts?

Thoughts anyone?

who knows how long herndon will be out for. he probably will be out this week and graham you never know what he is gonna do with rodgers. I personally would just keep andrews

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Hold tight.
Neither Gore nor singletary should Start for you. Herndon/andrews is a better combo than Herndon/Graham. As we aren’t sure how Herndon will play yet…
Your WRs are fine, Ridley has been a roller coaster this year

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