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Odd Roster Setting Strategy


Im in a 14 team league with the following odd roster setting. I have the 8th overall pick and its a standard scoring format.
1 QB
1 RB

Would you rather draft a RB first and not have to worry much about the position and then load up on WR after?
Or would you load up on WRs at first, wait on RBs, then stock pile RBs. I would likely draft my first RB at round 4 or so here.

I believe I will have my choice of McCoy or Green/Evans. Also, I understand if someone like Melvin Gordon falls to me in the 2nd round I’m not passing up on him, but I would like to go in with some type of strategy. Thoughts?


I’d start like normally getting best player available. There’s no need to freak out about RB since you only really need one. I don’t think Gordon makes it back to you in the second round of a 14 team league but in the 8th spot you should be able to have miller or fournette available to pull the plug


I completely agree with best available, but i have McCoy, Green, and Evans neck and neck. Its essentially a coin flip for me between those guys, so thats why I posed the question :slight_smile:


I mean if you are picking high, I’m taking one of the top RBs and then just pounding wrs out. Then picking up a second rb late like 6th 7th round. Maybe one higher depending on how the draft turns out.


If your question is who to take out of those three, I’d take them in that order. They are all at the same level of talent but McCoy has the greatest opportunity here with a great O-line. Green has a good, safe veteran QB while Evans has Winston, don’t get me wrong winston is real good, but he still has to work on the mistakes he makes every game which costs him interception which take away points for evans


McCoy vs AJ Green is interesting, I’d have both over Evans for sure. I think in a standard I’d take Green, he scores TDs whereas mcCoy gets taken out a lot near the goal line and you’re not getting the ppr reception bump