Odds of being accepted?

Just tried a few trades. Ridley and Yeldon for OBJ (he’s light on both WR and RB).

Also went for Yeldon and Trey Burton for CMC (he just lost Eifert and has Fournette).

I am terrible with trades. Am I targeting the right caliber of player? Are there outlandish requests?

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hmm… I personally wouldn’t accept either. If he lets go of cmc he has no RB outside of yeldon that is a performer while waiting on fournette to come back… and OBJ just had a monster week. I send trades like this all the time because you never know when someone will accept it. Never hurts to try.

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What would be a realistic target do you think? I have Thielen and Davantae as WR and Zeke and Ingram as RB. I have Tyler Boyd, Tevin, Lamar, Ridley, and Yeldon to trade. Want to try and lock in a strong pick into my FLEX. Thoughts?

How is the Julio Jones owner looking in terms of record?

I would honestly just go stash D’onta Foreman for when Fournette is back and Yeldon loses his value. The way Lamar has played, D’onta should run away with that job when he returns.

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I second this… foreman was a stud before his injury

I like where your mind is at but you have to look like your over paying and it will most likely need to be to a losing record team. Look at the Julio owner and the Keenan Allen owner. If that is to the fournette owner he wants yeldon bad. So throw in another depth piece that could start for him. Give someone on a hot streak.

Thanks everyone. I really like where my team is at now but wanted to upgrade all of the depth I have into an every week guy. Sent the Yeldon/Ridley combo for AJ, Julio, CMC, and OBJ. All 4 teams are lacking any depth at all and are struggling. Hopefully 1 bites.

No one is gonna bite. Target juju or keenan allen with those two if you can.

I would not spend much on Foreman. Achilles injuries are no joke. The odds are not good that he’s ever going to be the same. Especially not this year.

I’d put the odds of either if those trades being accepted at less than 1%. Essentially a rounding error.

Would Yeldon for Juju straight up be viable? He has Dalvin Cook and Dion Lewis as RBs.

No, you are seriously overvaluing your own players. None of the suggestions you have made are close in my book.