Odds that Todd Gurley plays week 17

What do you guys think? In or out?

Out. He’s already being held back a little now with minor injury

YEP. The P/O PLAN just went into effect top-notch with the injury. Thankfully, having a BYE this week also helps.

Out… abandon week 17 formats! Lol

I’ve got Gurley. I already snatched up Reynolds and John Kelly. I know Brown is Gurley’s handcuff, but thinking that Kelly might suddenly start getting some serious chances to help take some of the heat off Brown.

I also had Kupp, hence the Reynolds pick-up.

He was held back in that game. He’s got bye. He will be fine against Lions if I had to bet. If it was anything other than minor they would have pulled him completely.

That’s definitely something to think about @psychosem17. And…if he’s active…you absolutely can’t not start him. BUT…the way he’s been playing, I figured this was coming eventually, so…started thinking ahead way back in week 5/6, and snatched up Kelly before it happened. (Just in case).

Been watching Kelly since this summer. I think given the chance, he could explode.

We’re talking about week 17.

I have no doubt he will play and you should play him against the Lions in Week 13 when they’re back from Bye. I was just saying this is telling to how the Rams want to take care of Gurley, so I can see them benching him in Week 17 to keep him ready for playoffs

Head coach will sit them if he has clinched and can’t advance a playoff spot, or if dropping a game improves their playoff match up. That’s pretty much a given.

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I’m hoping you’re right @thomas_man.

BUT…I’m also concerned that they may not want to take a chance with him, even with a MINOR ankle injury.

Granted he may be “active”, but also thinking that they’re gonna want to start giving the back-ups some “active duty” to help acclimate them to the pressure, JUST IN CASE, Gurley ends up going down. GOD FORBID!!!

Kelly isn’t the play. You better go get Brown. He’s the guy the trust to be in on big game situations. They won’t trust Kelly to pass protect, etc in those situations.

If you can roster both to be safe do it but not sure that’s feasible in most leagues.

I’ve got the claim in @psychosem17, but…just went 7-4 in our 10-team league, and pretty much figuring that I won’t get him. Gurley having injury is MAJOR NEWS and EVERYBODY is gonna try to cash in on that one.

I also had OJ, soooooo……………GRRRRRR………my first claim has got to be on a TE!!! :sob:

I doubt anyone in my league will pick him up at this venture.

I am at the unfortunate situation of having to get a kicker this week. I had planned on picking up Brown after I dropped them (I dont want to lose Butker) and figured that would be easy to do with Rams coming off bye.

LOL…my Commish is out for blood at this point. He won our league last year and is having ONE OF THOSE YEARS. He’s sitting at 9th in our 10-team league right now, and 10th in one of his other 12-team leagues.

LOL…never fails, whoever I’m targeting in WW every week, he always gets them first. So…

BUT…yeah…gotta aim for a TE first, BUT…if Brown is still available come mid-morning WED…you can believe I’m gonna be dead on top of him!!! :laughing:

I handcuffed Ertz with Goedert. I’d really like to keep him just in case Ertz misses a game or two like he normally does, but I might have to drop him this week and pick up Brown and then pick him back up after the kicker.

Then comes the decision of who to drop to get him.

My roster:

QB: Wilson, Truby
RB: Gurley, Chubb, A Jones, Tev Coleman, Kelly
WR: Dav Adams, Evans, J Reynolds, A Miller, Lockett, Snead

As I mentioned…had OJ-TE :thinking:

Snead and ?

I have to drop Goedert or A Miller I have a feeling.

Goedert is available on WW. Was kinda watching him before. You think him over Huermann, Brate or Jonnu??

I only want Dallas as the Ertz owner. Trades are over in our league so if Ertz misses I will just plug Dallas in. He has shown enough this year tht he would have value if Ertz misses any time. I have only rostered one TE all year.

Yeah, Snead would def be in the consideration. But…damn…he DOES produce double-digits almost every week (PPR). BUT…I’ve also not started him once this year. Just sitting on him just in case. So…yeah.