Odell and Ekeler for Chris Carson

I’m 5-1 running back situation is Kamara, Lev Bell, and Carson.
WR situation for me is Chris Godwin and TY Hilton with Will Fuller and DJ Moore on the bench (and AJ Green for the stash).

Should I take the trade since I’ve got losses to give in the thought that Odell and Baker could click towards the end of the year? Thoughts?

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In dynasty if you can get OBJ for Carson, do it!

How about regular season .5 ppr?

In a redraft league I’d want Carson.

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Agree. I’d keep Carson. Current production and heavy volume against hope.

OBJ has underperformed for going on 3 years now. Not a bum but far underperformed his ADP.

Thanks guys. That’s what I was thinking I just needed someone to talk me off the ledge.

In Dynasty I think OBJ is a clear buy. Not because he’s going to win you games in 2019. Because he has the talent and opportunity to win games in 2020 and beyond.

Based on his stats I would disagree that OBJ has “under-performed” for 3 years. That’s not to say he’s been disappointing to drafters and Dynasty managers. The injury in 2017 should not be considered when evaluating performance.