Odell and Rojo for Tyreek?

The Tyreek owner needs RBs bad. We’re looking at Odell and Rojo or Gurley for Tyreek. What do you guys think? Too much for Tyreek?
Standard Scoring Keeper League.

What’s your RB situation beyond Rojo and Gurley?

Yeah, what’s your RB depth like? That would play a huge part in my decision, and it might be an unpopular opinion but I’d probably lean Gurley more than RoJo. I think Gurley is worse then is being let on, and might be time to get whatever value you can for him before the bottom completely falls out.

I’ve got Jacobs and CEH in front of those two.

Don’t do it. Tyreek is not the home run people think. OBJ could just as likely be the #1 WR.

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