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Odell Beckham Jr for David Johnson?


Should I? Or shouldn’t I?


Yes … if you are getting DJ


I would be getting DJ


I would do that trade, but I don’t know what the rest of your team looks like. If you have a decent group of RBs and not so good WRs, no.

As with every move, does it make you team better is the question you need to ask and answer.



Do it man, for the #1 overall. Before he changes his mind!!!


That’s what I was thinking! Lmao


Your WRs look pretty sketchy after ODB is gone. Baldwin is fine but Diggs is NOT a #2. You don’t improve your roster here.


I would definitely do that trade. Lev Bell and David Johnson on a team together is disgusting. I think Baldwin and Moncrief can lock down the Wr slots while Lev and David win you your weeks. I would jump on this deal before it disappears.


I’m actually pretty high on Diggs if he stays healthy. Moncreif is TD dependent yes. Coleman could potentially be the number 1 in Cleveland. I see what you’re saying though. Honestly though, do you think OBJ is going to out perform David Johnson?


No way. David Johnson is both a receiver and a runner, whereas Beckham will have his explosive weeks but will also put up a couple low weeks of around 6 or so points. In my opinion David Johnson has the greater floor as well as the greater ceiling.


Do it! Then if you wanted you can flip him for better value.


The only way I might not do it is if this is dynasty


I don’t think OBJ outscores DJ, but I also think that 2016 was an outlier in that the top RBs out scored top WRs by over 100 points in ppr. I think RB numbers regress and WR climb. I think that the difference between OBJ and DJ is closer to 30 points, or 2 per game. The difference between OBJ and Diggs will be more like 70. If that is the case, your team scores fewer points each week.