Odell Bekcham Jr potential trade

Hi, I have Odell and I potentially want to move him for the right offer. Would you Trade him for Kerryon Johnson and Hollywood Brown ? Heres my team half ppr :

QB : Lamar Jackson
RB : Aaron Jones
WR : Odell
WR : Brandin Cooks
WR : Tyler Lockett
Flex : MArivn Jones Jr
flex : Miles Sanders.

thnaks guys

With OBJ’s name I feel like you should be able to get more. Either a better RB or better WR than those 2.

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He has Kamara too, but I dont think he would accept.

Definitely would have to give up more than OBJ for Kamara especially after last week.

Who are his other WR’s?

His Wr’s are DK Metcalf, Hollywood Brown, Chris Godwin. He has Tyreek Hill injured, Dede and Fuller on the bench.

You could do Brown and Hill for OBJ. It will be a downgrade at first but I think once Hill comes back you would be better. Depends if you feel like you can make it without Hill for a bit.

I’m 3-0 now and playing a weak opponent this week, I could certainly make it without Hill. But I would like to receive a RB in exchange of Odell. Maybe I’ll try with another team.

I just traded away Shady McCoy and got OBJ in return. Everyone is in panic mode so I’d hold for a week and hope OBJ has a blowup game and then try to move him.

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Straight up? No way…

@sdatkins yes sir, straight up. People are tilting…make some offers and see if anything sticks.

The funny thing is he had Godwin and I was going to go for him but I figured what the heck, I’ll shoot for the moon first.

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