Odell & Coleman for Gallup & Mack

Would you do this trade?

Which side of the trade are you on?

I’d be giving Odell and Coleman and getting Marlon Mack and Gallup. My other starting rbs: Cook and Gordon, other wrs: Godwin, Ridley, McLaurin, Robby Anderson and Desean Jackson

Okay, that’s an amazing trade and if the other side is ready to do it then go for it. OBJ is on a struggling offense with a patchwork O-line and Baker can’t throw him the ball if he’s on his back 50% of the time. But, he still has a huge ceiling and could still have huge weeks, I just think those weeks are gonna be few and far between. And Coleman is great, but Breida gets the larger share of Carrie’s and most importantly gets the goal line work. Mack is heavily used and does not split Carrie’s with anybody. When the game script is burning the clock then they hand Mack the rock, very very often. And he has a great O-line in front of him. Gallup had the injury so we can’t see as much as we’d like to see, but when he’s playing, he’s been excellent and shown really good chemistry with Dak. So any game with a shutdown corner is gonna go to Cooper, and Gallup is gonna have huge games. I tried this same exact trade in one of my re-draft leagues but the other guy didn’t bite. If he’s down, go for it!


I would take Mack and Gallup in this