Odell for Diggs and Lindsey?

I’m the OBJ owner I’m being offered Diggs and Lindsay in a full point PPR league. What do y’all think foot clan?

RBs: Kamara, Kerryon, Collins, breida, j. Rashard, McCoy, and ivory

Wrs: obj, Tate, Edelman, T. Smith

Appreciate the feedback

I like it. ODB season is not looking good simply because the Giants are almost out of contention. His volume is gonna drop a lot i think. He is easy to injure and not playing for anything after one more loss. I feel the same about all Giants stars unfortunately Bc Eli and coaching are both just unforgivably bad. If I owned Barkley I’d be shopping him too. Only for what he’s worth but still the same logic applies

Pass. I’d rather own OBJ. I think he finishes ROS as a top 4-5 at the position still.

Agreed. Pass.

Odell in one profile picture and Saquon in the other one lol…I kid I kid. Passing is fine for sure too