Odell or Gordon keeper league

Hey guys, I am in a 1/2 point ppr 1qb league and I got offered Odell Beckham for Melvin Gordon.

Who do you take of you had the choice?

What rounds are attached to them? I’m taking Gordon more than likely in most any scenario unless OBJ just has some good value to his keeper spot.

In my drafts I’m taking Melvin Gordon over OBJ, but what’s your current RB/WR situation

It would be straight up trade.

Yes this year Gordon projects better the obj. The question I’m asking is looking forward what’s the better investment and is it worth it to lose today on value for better long-term output

3 keepers. AJG Gordon and Dalvin cook. Currently hold my spots

I’d do it and keep Gordon. Especially if you already have cook that’s a nice combo for your starting rbs since it’s 3 keeper a lot of them will be off the board. I expect Aj green to have a bounce back year as well. Melvin Gordon is a safe workhorse rb he’s reliable high floor high potential ceiling. Obj has all of that as well but I just value the rb position more that the wr