Odell Trade Advice

Trading Aaron Jones and Corey Davis
Getting Odell.
Pros and Cons?

All pros, no cons in my opinion.
I like Corey Davis with Mariota under center. I like Aaron Jones, but don’t trust his head coach to give him the consistent work.
Odell is a top 3-5 guy at his position, that’s a game changer for me & I’d easily trade the other 2 guys for him, regardless of his slow start.

Pros: you’re getting Odell.
Cons: Eli Manning
Pros: The Giants remaining schedule isn’t very daunting.
Pros: His target count is still there, and it’s only a matter of time before his home run shots/ slant routes to the house return
Cons: Eli Manning.

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As the resident Corey Davis and Aaron Jones truther and full time defender to their names on this forum, you take this trade.

It is an incredible buy low opportunity. Only reason why this is even possible is OBJ doesn’t have TDs yet. Those will come.

I get the whole eli manning sucks argument but eli manning has been trash now for a good half decade. His career got extended by OBJ. OBJ made eli, not the other way around. I fully expect the positive TD reversion to come. That’s never been a weakness for OBJ.