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Odell Trade Offer


Hey guys need some help. In my dynasty I have Green and D. Thomas. Guy in my league offered OBJ for Corey Coleman, Tyreek Hill and 2 2018 1st. I still got decker and then gets kinda iffy after that. Would you guys take this trade or just keep what i got? Its 12 team team, full pt ppr. 1QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 Flex. Thank you guys


There’s so many unknowns with Beckham for me. There remains a lot of mouths to feed in New York, plus it’s likely he’ll be getting a new QB soon.


I’d go get OBJ. I don’t care about Marshall or anyone else on the offense coming in.

He’s young and will be one of your rocks for years to come. I’ve always been in favor of getting the proven commodity, even in dynasty. There will always be new young talent to scoop up every season.


Over 90 receptions, 1300 yards, and 10 TDs in each of his first three seasons! It’s a lot to pay but worth it- Get em while you can!


Agreed. He’s too young and too talented to be worried if last year’s QB#21 is retiring soon.


yeah i do it. what he is trying to do is get 2 guys who have the promise of that OBJ talent. and what he is giving up is… that OBJ talent. coleman and hill both have the potential to be stars.but OBJ already is a star, and a star for a long long time. while they are looking at the “what if” scenarios. only thing i would do is haggle that pick down. no reason giving up a high pick if you can give up a 3rd instead.


Yeah its my second offer from the guy. If I could get 1 2018 1st instead of 2 of them I would do it be more likely to do it.


I don’t think Corey Coleman and Tyreek Hill score as many point combined as Odell will this year. In a brand new dynasty OBJ is the #1 pick, so get him if you can. You’ll be stacked at WR at that point!


I reoffered the trade since I wasnt sure and it went through! Wouldnt take less than those 2 1st round picks but im happy to have OBJ, Green, D. Thomas for the upcoming season!


Stop what you’re doing and accept that trade. Get OBJ! No brainer.


I took it! Im just going to have some problems down the road unless I have an RB who is just fire for trading during the season