Odell worth it?

Have pretty decent WR depth, but thinking of targeting Beckham in a trade, trying to capitalize on his pedestrian numbers. 2 questions though –

I know he’s Odell, but is stuck in a bad offense? Is he even worth targeting?

More specifically, is he worth targeting with the WR I have, and who would you give up? I also have M. Thomas, W. Fuller, D. Adams, and K. Golladay (and D. Thomas, but he has no value atm).

It’s a 10 team PPR league, is going after Odell a better option than what I currently have?

EDIT I should also note that I’m 0-4 and my team is in need of any boost it can get

if you’re 0-4 and those are your WR’s then going after ODB is a waste of your time. you must be far weaker anywhere else on your team, so i would focus your attention to upgrading those spots instead.

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Wow I feel so attacked. Lol. You’re not wrong, but also the question was less about my team as a whole and the opinion about Odell as player to acquire. I feel like he and M. Thomas as a 1-2 WR punch could help cover other deficiencies…

And for what it’s worth the rest of my team is:

D. Johnson, Mixon, Coleman, Drake, Lewis UPDATE: Forgot I picked up Hines this week
Ertz, Burton

haha sorry, i didn’t mean to write that like a district attorney. your team is excellent all around as a matter of fact. i would just roll with it honestly. but yeah, i also still think ODB isn’t going to change things a whole lot assuming you have to give up a big piece(s) to get him

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Well, I thought I could offer up a 2 for 1, maybe 1 of Adams/Fuller + one other. But that’s only if I thought OBJ would be a significant upgrade over either one of those WRs. I know OBJ has huge, game-changing upside, but being in an anemic offense worries me. I already have David Johnson, an elite level player stuck in an awful offense.

And it’s not like Adams/Fuller aren’t also steady, consistent options. So I may skirt the notion altogether, but just thought about trying to spice up my team while also capitalizing on OBJ’s mediocre start.