Offer Cooper for Landry+? (PPR)

I’ve started the season 1-3, including losses by 0.66 points in Week 2 and 0.78 points in Week 4.

The most frustrating player in my lineup (other than waiting for Luck) has been the disappearance of Amari Cooper. Normally I’d hang onto such a young, high potential guy, but I’m getting antsy and feel I need to do something.

Here’s a breakdown of my RBs and WRs, followed by his RBs and WRs:
My RBs: Bell, Montgomery, Martin, Stewart, Ellington, Woodhead (IR), Tolbert
My WRs: Thomas, Cooper, Fitzgerald, Richardson, Doctson

His RBs: Lynch, Crowell, Rodgers, Charles
His WRs: Evans, Landry, Garcon, Robinson (IR), Funchess, Lee

Is there a match here? My original thought was to go Cooper for Landry and Rodgers, but seeing his depth at RB, I probably need to add a RB and that probably slants the trade value in his favor. Thought about offering a RB for a different WR, but I hate sacrificing RB depth.

The other factor I’m weighing is that although I’m 1-3 with two close losses, I’m not scoring many points. That’s partly due to a dumpster fire of QB streaming (Dalton, Cutler first 3 weeks). Only 2 teams have scored fewer points than me, so is it smart to sacrifice a higher ceiling for adding a couple of points to my floor?