Offer DJ and Amari for AB and Lynch?

Full PPR
RB: DJ, Coleman, Lindsay, Kerryon
WR: Thielen, Amari, Gordon, Davis, Baldwin

Should I offer DJ and Amari for AB and Lynch. AB owner has been looking to upgrade at RB, but not sure on his DJ feelings. If it were to go through, I’d likely look to package Thielen and Lynch to upgrade RB.

Thanks for any input Footclan!

Personally I think just about any move that will get you the undisputed best WR in fantasy will be worth while, especially if you have the depth for that trade. I’d give it a shot, but acquiring one player with the intent to trade them can backfire big time, tread carefully.

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Ended up making the trade. Definitely agree about counting on a turnaround trade. I think this one leaves me with a stronger team even if I can’t pull another trade. Thanks for the input.