Offer for Metcalf?

one of my league mates is offering up Metcalf or Watkins on the trading board, he wants a RB. Do you guys think I should go for Metcalf? Or do you think a buy low on AJ Brown I should try for?

I’m 1-3 in a 12 team full ppr league

my team
QB: Big Ben, Stafford
RB: Jones, Taylor, Swift, Moss, Freeman
WR: Golladay, Woods, Dionate Johnson, Jefferson, Higgins
TE: Fant, Cook

his team:
QB: Mahomes, Bridgewater
RB: Moterst, Ingram, Hill, Wilson Jr
WR: Metcalf, AJ Brown, Fuller, Watkins
TE: Kittle

I’m not sure what you’d offer.

You can’t give up a RB unless he’ll take Moss or Freeman (doubt he will). Your only shot is 2 WR for 1 WR of Woods or Diontae and Jefferson/Higgins

I offered freeman and woods, lets see what he says lol. I’m sure a declined will come back but never know haha

he countered for Taylor for Metcalf. that’s a hard pass cuz im slim myself at rb after jones and Taylor

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it is a pretty fair counter though js. your right to decline but its not a trash offer or anything

yeah its not bad, I would have accepted if I had more depth. losing Saquon hurt haha

You both have the same RB needs which makes trading tough. If Metcalf isn’t traded try again next week when he’s on bye you may have more leverage trying to get them a starting roster.