Offer for Theilen

I’m new to dynasty and offered Alex Collins and a 2019 first round for Theilen is that enough or should there be more of an offer?
(league mate declined the offer)

Do you have a decent estimation for where that first could end up being? Also worth noting, I’m not crazy high on Thielen like everyone else.

That’s a decent offer, but it depends on the other teams needs, and what they think of the Collins. Personally, I think Collins is a young RB2 with potential. However, there’s some uncertainty surrounding his situation. The 2019 pick is a great asset, but it’s also uncertain. If you offered your 2018 pick, you might have a better chance at closing the deal.

Thanks for the help. I don’t know where my picks will be next year and this year I have the 1.03 and that is giving to much imo.

Sometimes you can trick guys with value. I’ve done it a few times. I’ve offered players to certain guys who they aren’t interested in and then just turn around and offer someone else the same player for picks. I then take those picks to the original guy and the trade works. It’s a risky move but I’ve had decent success with it.

Absolutely agree. Don’t offer the 1.03 in that deal.