Offer for tyreek. Help!

Half ppr league.
I’m going after tyreek hill, I’m offering kupp + edelman + damien harris. Is it enough? Or too much?

My team
Rb:Cook, A Jones, montgomery, Gibson, Harris and mattison
Wr: Golladay, kupp, Chark, edelman and deebo

His team
Rb: mccaffrey, mostert, James white, malcolm brown
Wr: hill, keenan allen, juju, slayton, Marvin Jones and Sammy watkins

Probably too much with Kupp. I would offer Harris and Edelman and see what he says. If you really want Hill then maybe worth losing Kupp but honestly you have RB depth and he has WR depth so you might be able to swing that trade.

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I don’t think you’re offering enough and too much at the same time. He doesn’t need WR depth and you can’t give up WR depth.

I would try Monty or Gibson ad Edelman for Hill. He’s going to want a RB2

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You’re definitely not offering enough. You don’t need to send all your depth, that’s not really what most people want anyways. You’ll need to add higher quality pieces to get someone at tyreeks level.

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Thanks for the advice! Honestly I’m having a hard time offering what @jrfearr suggested. I would end up with just 3 startable rbs, as I’m not too sure how can harris succeed in such a crowded backfield (I was trying to sell after his nice first week). I was also trying to sell kupp as he has been too much TD dependant.

Well, after thinking it for a bit, I started to grow on that trade offer. It also helped that I can pick up jamaal williams from wavers. Need help deciding who to offer between monty and Gibson. Montgomery has a great floor but I think Gibson has the highest ceiling due to his pass catching abilities. What are your thoughts on Gibson? And who would you want to keep?
@physiks @Nicknj12 @jrfearr
Again, thanks for your advice!!

It’s very tough because obviously Gibson is the more talented pass catcher but we know McKissic is going to vulture targets. DM is the only dude pass-catching out of the backfield for Chi. If I have to pick who to let go for me it’s probably gibson (just based on volume) but I honestly don’t really like the idea of losing either of them for a WR when you already have pretty good depth.

Better to have more RB depth than WR depth available imo.

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I love Gibson and would ABSOLUTELY be trying to capitalize on Montgomery’s good game to make him the sell for me. I’m also on the Gibson bandwagon this year and have been since before the season so I’m biased but I just think the dude is way more talented than Montgomery. He’s on a worse team, sure, but I don’t see it making a huge difference in this case because the Bears aren’t world beaters either.

Ultimately I think the two will be ranked closely enough though so I personally tend to lean towards keeping the guy I’ll be more excited to watch play. It make the game more fun that way.

I will add, if I’m the Hill owner I’m asking you for Kupp or Chark plus Montgomery for Hill, not edelman. If you can pull it off with Edelman though I would smash the accept button.