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Offer Hunt to the player I’m playing this week?


So here is the scenario, I’m 6-2 and in good playoff position at the moment (2 game’s up with 4 to play before playoffs start for us in week 13). Full point PPR league. The guy I am playing this week has Leveon and is currently having to start Ty Montgomery this week because of the bye. I’m projected to win by 27 right now but we all know those can be way off…

Would I be crazy to offer him Kareem Hunt for Bell knowing it gives him a better chance at beating me this week but potentially gives me an even bigger stud down the stretch? Or just stand pat? Our trade deadline is this week so I can’t wait to potentially make a deal after…my other rb’s are Ingram, Freeman, Kamara, Mcfadden and Morris so I feel like I could still win with starting Ingram, Freeman and Kamara this week but would be less likely…

Thoughts footclan?


As a Hunt owner, I’d rather have Bells consistent production. If you’re confident you’ll make the playoffs with 6-2, then I’d offer that trade. Freeman and Kamara will be really solid (more than Ingram imo), so you could still win.


Worth a shot. However, how’s his RB core look like? He may not give Bell up that easily.


Well since he has to start Ty Mont this week it’s not good…all he has besides is Cohen…but he’s also 3-5 and in must win territory…so he probably wouldn’t do it I’m just not even sure if I’d be shooting myself in the foot more than would be worth the return…