Offer Lynch for OBJ - Fair Deal?

I have an abundance of RBs in a 12 man. Gurley, Breida, Alf, Lynch, Mixon, and White but Horrible WRs. Hogan, Hill, Watkins, Boyd, C. Davis. So i’m trying to buy a #1. Would Lynch for OBJ (given his struggles) be a fair offer or is the owner going to get insulted.

I also have Lynch + C. Davis out there for Julio (that’ owners RBs are awful). The reason I’m targeting Julio, OBJ, or Brown is those 3 teams got 2 elite WRs and then ended up with no RBs since they forgot how competitive that 12 man is for RBs. Lynch has been rock solid but I need that top WR so i need to sell.

I would be very insulted for both of those deals.
Lynch is TD dependent and C. Davis is a bust with Mariota in and out of injury.


Yea I don’t see that trade happening

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I’m guessing i’ll get rejected, but below are the 3 teams with WR’s i’m targeting. OBJ owner i expected to be like i’ll weather the storm but if you look at the AB and Julio owners they won’t win without an RB. All 3 teams will be 1-2 at best after this week, most likely one will be 0-3.

If I’m the OBJ or Julio owners yeah that’s a pretty insulting offer. Lynch is a fine RB to plug in and play, but that’s not going to excite or tempt me into giving up a top 5 +/- receiver. I think the OBJ “struggles” narrative is a bit overrated. He’s coming off an injury and has had 9 catches + over 100 yards in 2 of 3 games. Even his “down” game didn’t kill anyone. I don’t blame you for trying to buy on Odell, I am too, but you gotta come with a better offer than that.

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Even if they’re desperate for RB help, there’s other people they can trade with. Your offer will not be hard to beat

I think you could use Mixon and get Davante Adams and maybe Juju.

For Lynch, I would consider giving you Will Fuller

The in between would be Brandin Cooks, which depending on how the owner felt, they might go for Lynch but they might want Mixon.

The ballers said it once(I believe it was Mike) that when you submit a trade offer, it needs to hurt a little bit. Otherwise the other side is just going to reject it.

Maybe Lynch and Boyd for Cooks???

I should screen shot the whole league, show you ever roster + my team and have you find a team that can legitimately offer something better that doesn’t hurt their team.

I know but that’s the thing I don’t have to trade anything. The teams i’m offering to will do nothing but continue to lose. Their rosters RBs get like 5 points a week. Take a look, they’ve backed themselves into a corner on it. The OBJ owner is the only one who could weather the storm and maybe survive. But Julio owner and AB owner won’t make it without an RB1, lynch or mixon are that.

Not even remotely close to a decent offer.

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I don’t see Lynch as an RB1. From my point of view you essentially want them to downgrade their WR positions, with minimal or no upgrade to their RB positions.

Yes, but going for their best player to give them your 2nd or 4th best RB is just insulting. It doesn’t make them better, it makes them worse.

I work in real estate and your offer is similar to a homeowner who really needs to sell because they are moving to a new state for a job and you are offering 250k when it’s worth 300k.

Would Lynch + Watkins get the deal done? This league is odd because the teams with OBJ, AB, or Julio ended up with OBJ+JuJu, AB+Adams, Julio+MT but the teams all lack at RB because of it (i’m talking like 5 points a week at best RB bad). So yes, i get normally Julio is an insane value for them, but they’re going to keep losing if they don’t get a useable RB ASAP, and Lynch so far is RB12. I can sell mixon but that doesn’t help them in the short term which is the whole point of me trying to trade with these people because it’ll up my team, but get them to 2-2 and back to being able to win.

And for the record I don’t need to sell, i am totally confident i’ll keep winning, it’d just be nice to get another asset while i have assets I can sell.

If I was these other teams, I would probably give you Julio, Juju and Adams respectively. Too early to tilt and there is a chance still for a waiver wire darling at running back.

FYI - Reason I am being critical is in my league, Lynch was just traded for Allen Robinson. Shoot your shot, but if you really would want one of these receivers, I would consider upping your offer.

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Oh no that’s fair. The only other thing i’m debating is Gurley for MT straight up. It’s really hard to bail on Gurley, but it might be the smartest offer

Do not do that - I saw your roster on the other thread, all you would be doing is trading strength for strength and if anything, the Thomas owner actually wins that trade.

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Thanks. I’m currently trying Lynch for Cooks.

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