Offer sent to me for Ertz. Accept?

10 team PPR redraft. I am 3-3

Been chatting with another owner for a while, and he finally sent me this offer:

I give:
Trey Burton
Matt Breida

I get:

Zach Ertz
Jamison Crowder

Now, I’d probably drop Crowder, but I think I should probably go ahead and go for this trade, right? It leaves me pretty light at RB, but I could pick up Latavius Murray, Duke Johnson, Gore, Mostert, Peyton Barber, Nick Chubb, or D’Onta foreman to help in the meantime, and also try to trade my Doug Baldwin for an RB (I’ve offered him for J. Howard and K. Johnson so far, let’s see if those get accepted)

Anyway, here’s my roster as it stands:

QB: Patrick Mahomes
RB: Sony Michel
RB: Matt Breida
WR: Josh Gordon
WR: Taylor Gabriel
TE: Trey Burton
W/R/T: Ito Smith
DEF: Colts
K: Justin Tucker
BN: Davante Adams (bye)
BN: Juju Smith-Schuster (bye)
BN: Doug Baldwin (bye)
BN: Geronimo Allison (bye)
BN: Leonard Fournette
BN: OJ Howard

Will of course help in return for whoever needs it!

I would say take that and run, but then you are left incredibly thin at RB until Fournette comes back.

Do it, The TE landscape is thin af and Ertz is top 3 TE. I think youll be alright with Sony. Maybe get something more interesting than crowder? Please help me with my question! Only problem will be Ertz week 9 BYE!

I’d do it - every year a guy or three pop out of no where and it’s about that time again this year (Ito Smith, I’m looking at you!)

Take the high end production Ertz gets you and work on the roster elsewhere (waivers/trades) to fill that 2nd RB spot.

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That would be solid… I have a lot of WR depth to work with clearly, but realyl want to hold onto Juju, Davante, and Gordon! What RB do we think Baldwin could nab me? I offered him for Howard, and think maybe Kerryon or Alex Collins could be decent targets?

Take Ertz.

Package Baldwin and Fournette and go get yourself a Mixon. Or see if gabriel can get you Yeldon.

Funny, this same owner (with Ertz) has Mixon and I don’t think really wants to move him. What other RBs might you package with that same package?

Depends on how much your league values Baldwin…

On one hand, he’s quickly become the top target in that offense again (8 targets were 34% or so of Wilson’s attempts)

On the other hand, they aren’t passing as often as they were in years prior (under 30 pass attempts a game) so the opportunity for huge weeks really isn’t there.

I think he’s still a borderline WR2, but what does that net you is the question.

I love Kerryon personally, and Howard SHOULD bounce back but he’s a huge risk. Royce Freeman may be a name to look at as well as his value is seriously depressed at the moment. (and I think you can get Freeman for less than Baldwin BTW)

And if you get Kerryon, there’s some awesome team names hahah

In one league I’m using Kerryon My Wayward Son, and in another I have Keep Calm, and Kerryon (varying degrees of success unfortunately LOL)

Haha damn, who does the Yeldon owner have on their roster?

Agree with @DrFantasyBlog about Kerryon but I fade Howard. Wouldnt be the worst idea to go after James White too. You could get the Dalvin Cook owner and David Johnson owner tilting on them as well and I like their value moving forward.

As far was packaging Fournette and Baldwin - see what the Yeldon owner has first

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I dumped Howard a few weeks ago (you won’t believe this but I packaged Howard, L. Miller, and Godwin for Gurley…)

I’m fully on the fade Chicago RBs train right now. They’re all over the place.