Offer to acquire Hopkins? Dynasty!

The Hopkins owner is struggling at RB now that he’s lost Guice. He also owns OBJ, but he’s said he values him higher than Hopkins.

My roster is below… what can I offer to somehow get Hopkins from him?

Initial offer I thought could be:

Hopkins, Duke J, John Kelly
For Thielen, Miller, Perine, 2019 1st

  • RBs: Saquon, CMC, Freeman, Howard, Miller, Coleman, Perine

  • WRs: Michael Thomas, Thielen, Davis, Landry, Cobb, Moore, Golladay, Godwin, Boyd, Cain, Callaway

  • Two 2019 1sts, Two 2019 2nds

That is frankly a low ball / insulting offer. I love Miller but he is not even in the realm of being able to touch Nuk. If you offered Thielen/miller/perine AND a 2019 1st for Hopkins alone, I’d shoot you down. It’s dynasty, maybe i lose the season but there’s no way I’m giving up a top 2 dynasty asset for that.

You can offer it but if he knows what he’s doing, you’ll just get rejected immedietely. If I saw that offer, I wouldn’t even respond.

If you really want to get it done, I’d be prepared to give up CMC or Freeman +


I figured. What if I included Devonta Freeman? Instead of Miller!

That’s definitely closer. I’d maybe start with Howard, and then move up to Freeman. I doubt he gives you back Duke J or John Kelly though. Like you said, he’s thin at WR. Not sure why he would give up RB assets in return.

Frankly, Thielen + Freeman + 1st for Nuk is a pretty fair trade. I probably still wouldn’t do it cause Nuk is 1.02 for me in all dynasty formats but given his situation, would make sense for him to do it.

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It would take at least Thomas, Howard, and the pick for me to think about it.


@ALowDownDirtyShane @MikeMeUpp so it sounds like the only way to get Hopkins is to lose depth at RB entirely, and not get anyone back. I know that Hopkins is worth a ton, but unless your bench is 6+ deep at each position, Hopkins isn’t worth it at that point?

Thomas Howard and Pick is too much. No way I’d give that much. Makes no sense.

Yeah I mean you lose a bit of depth at RB but you’re already very deep there. You can afford to lose that depth in return for what is legitmately the #2 asset in dynasty. Imagine your starting lineup:

Barkley/CMC with Miller/Coleman as depth
MT/Hopkins with Davis/Landry as flex

To me, that is more than worth it. I’d be fine with even overpaying a little. You don’t have to crush or win every single trade as long as it makes your team better at the end of the day. You just can’t lose big on a bunch of trades cause then you crush your own team.

I’m in a similar situation to you in one of my other leagues. Someone had depth issues at WR and was willing to trade MT. I gave up a tonne of assets to acquire him and it cost me some depth for only a slight upgrade (much smaller than your upgrade of thielen to nuk) but it was worth it to me. My starting roster in that league is now:

RB: Gurley, CMac with Kerryon/Williams as depth
WR: MT, Thielen, Cooper with Davis, Sheperd, Sutton and Washington on the bench
TE: Ertz

And I gave up AJ green + a bunch in the trade to get MT. And IMO, Nuk > MT by a pretty wide margin.

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My suggestion factored in giving up Johnson and John Kelley. If it’s only Nuk, I’d do it for Thielen, Howard, and the pick.

You think Johnson, John Kelly and Thielen is = MT? I’d die before executing that trade.

Just saying what I’d do. In all honesty, I don’t think I’d even make a trade. There will be better value as the season goes on. I’d be fine with Thomas and Thielen as my 1 and 2

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CMC and perine is where i would start. gives him a starting RB and the potential to replace guice with perine. i would throw miller in too, and a 2019 1st. thats 3 RBs, 2 starters and 1 who can take over as starter, plus a 1st for hopkins. you might get a yes out of that. but it probably needs more. but i would start negotiations there.

@BusterD @ALowDownDirtyShane @MikeMeUpp

Well that’s the question. Is it better to keep my depth or upgrade from Thielen to Hopkins in my lineup? With all these injuries already happening it pays off to have depth at a premium position like RB. That’s why I hesitate to trade so much only to get one player in return.

You can’t predict injuries. I mean your depth is just as likely to get injurred as Hopkins is.

And again, it’s dynasty. So maybe you lose some depth and may cost you one season but you’re going to have Hopkins for like 5-6 more years in his prime. That’s pretty valuable. And he’s tied to Watson so long term stability there.

To me, it’s worth it in your case to give up depth for Hopkins cause it’s not like you only have 2 RBs to start after the trade.

Honestly, this is all hypothetical anyways. You should first start by making some offers to see what he says. Who knows, maybe you get Nuk for like Howard + Miller and a 1st. If that happens, would be criminal. Then you can go trade Thielan for another RB.

Not sure if this changes anything, but it is a two flex league. So I can start up to 4 WRs or RBs, minimum two each, for a total of 6 skill players. TE has its own spot.

Irrelevant to me. Nuk is Nuk. Unless its a 5 RB 1WR zero flex league, literally doesn’t matter.

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@ALowDownDirtyShane @BusterD @MikeMeUpp

He countered with Thielen, Howard for Hopkins, Kelly. Thoughts?

You’ve got good RB depth. I’d probably pull the trigger.

Probably? Are you kidding me. That’s robbery. Take it now before he changes his mind.

I’m really high on Jordan Howard, especially in dynasty. I really like Hopkins.