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Offer to acquire Hopkins? Dynasty!


I like Howard too. But I’m also not blind to the fact that Hopkins is the second best dynasty asset.

@marvin_e I hope you took this trade cause its robbery.


That ranking is up for debate, but he’s definitely higher than Howard.


Sure maybe you can debate 1.02 if you’re someone who likes to reach on an RB instead of taking OBJ/Nuk. But you hard to really debate that he is at minimum at top 4 dynasty asset. And that’s a small price to pay to add that to the roster considering he also has Gurley and MT.


@MikeMeUpp help me out here. That offer is still there. But everyone ive asked, in a vacuum, thinks the Hopkins, Kelly side loses. I understand I have the depth, but shouldn’t my goal be to not lose a trade? I’m trying to coax a few more assets, or a better RB (burkhead or Duke j), on his side… but he’s staying adamant. I guess we both don’t want to lose the trade? Lol


Look man, it’s always your decision. But frankly, those people are either way too high on Howard and Thielen or way too low on Hopkins. Hopkins is 25 years old. Him and OBJ are going to dominate this league for the next 6-7 years.

Theilen has maybe 1-2 more years left as a fringe WR1/2 and Howard is capped and always will be given he can’t catch. Diggs is the #1 there, not thielen. Don’t get it twisted. Giving up a WR2 and an RB2 for THE WR1 or WR2 is a no brainer especially when you can afford to lose the depth.

Also, I love the talent in Kelly. If gurley goes down, he is an RB2 at a minimum without a doubt. And if he gets traded to a good spot, same thing. But he’s just icing on the cake. I’d do the deal even without John Kelly.

Personally, I don’t think you even lose the trade and it’s not really that close for me. But even if you are high on the others and think you do lose on the trade, its by a fraction or less. You need to consider your situation. You make this trade and you have 3 of the top 8 dynasty assets around. All young and will carry your team for years. EVEN if you think you lost a bit on the trade, it doesn’t even matter. I am a big proponent of making trades that make your team better. If you lose a bit to do so, I don’t mind it at all. You just can’t be losing on every single trade you make or lose too big on any given trade. Neither of those cases apply here.

Frankly, I’m shocked this deal hasn’t gone through. I would’ve accepted the second it was proposed and laughed all the way to the bank. You’re lucky the other side hasn’t smartened up. You can’t try and win on every single trade. But in this case, you’re not losing on the trade anyways, pretty obvious decision to me.


Thanks. It definitely helps to put things in perspective. It makes my team better long term, even if I don’t win this specific trade.


Yes I am a firm believer in this policy. Especially if you make good trades on the regular, you can afford to lose a little on some trades that really benefit your team for the long term.

But as I said again, I don’t see how you can view this trade as a loss. It’s honestly a huge win for the hopkins side and I don’t even think it’s particularly close.