Offer waller for zeke?

Z had a bad game, and I’d like to capitalize on that if possible. The other owner at one point lamented that I picked up Waller and that he was considering him at his pick. (three keeper League, we start drafting in the fourth round).

Wondering if I keep Waller for the security or if this is an opportunity to completely set my running backs. McCaffrey is my number one. Lost Gus Edwards the other day. Rosters below.

(And yes I have too many running backs on my bench, I put in a couple of claims and then forgot to remove two of them.)

1 flex, 6ptQB, 1/2ppr, 10 team



Who’s available for you to pick up at TE if you trade Waller? My initial feeling is to hold Waller because of his security and value at the TE position. But if there is a decent TE on waivers it could make sense.

Current waivers. I done seasons on the weavers before, kind of a pain but maybe worth it?

I’d keep Waller for the positional advantage.

You could always try to get Gesicki from him in the deal since he’s expendable if he’s receiving Waller

He already has Gesicki; there’s no way he’s taking Waller for Zeke.


You could maybe get Edmonds for Waller and then pick up Firkser or Uzomah, but with your RBs, I don’t think anything you could get for a TE would help your team.

I generally agree with your overall assessment, but this guy REALLY liked Waller. I’m just checking to make sure my desire to get a deal on Zeke isn’t clouding my judgment.

If you can get it done and it doesn’t get vetoed, more power to ya…

Edmonds RB 28-32 for Waller TE 2-3 ???

You could try Waller + Murray for Zeke + Gesicki

This is a no brainer. If someone is foolish enough to give up a top 5 rb for ANY TE do it. doesn’t matter what your team makeup is with CMC and zeke your team will absolutely smash.