Offered 3 Different Trades. Thoughts?

Heres my team
QB: Rivers and Dalton (Streaming)
RB: CMC Devonta Freeman David Montgomery Jaylen SAmuels jordan howard and Damien WIlliams
WR: Lockett JuJu ridley josh gordon diontae johnson
TE: Mandrews

Trade 1: Philip Dorsett and Frank Gore for David Montgomery
Trade 2: CMC JUJU for TY Hilton Golladay and James Conner
Trade 3 (This has to be a joke) Devonta Freeman for Jimmy Graham

Trade 2 is the only one I would ‘possibly’ consider but ultimately I wouldn’t be trading CMC unless I’m getting back a legit top 5ish RB and probably a RB2 or a WR1. If JuJu has a good game this week I would try to just move him solely for Golladay and Hilton. Or pair JuJu and Jordan Howard for those two WR’s.

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