Offered 3 for 1 for Najee. help!

1-3 team, tiltttting hard. overall not a bad team, just not getting a lot of depth / consistency from that depth. half point ppr. 2nd on the waivers, gonna target Damien Williams.

just got offered this trade

AJ Brown, Zack Moss, Corey Davis for Najee

my current team:
Ekeler, Harris, Hubbard, Jacobs
Kupp, Tim Patrick, Aiy-puke, Robby Anderson, Mooney, Rondale Moore
Higbee, Knox

his team:
Henry, CEH, Moss, Singletary
AJ, Theilen, Waddle, Davis, Reagor, Renfrow

I wouldn’t. Brown and Moss are too big of question marks for me to risk trading away a guy like Najee who seems to be a sure thing in .5 ppr.

yeah, AJ gives me concern with how the Titans have been this season. Moss has been pretty consistent tho, def a drop off from him to Najee though.

would you counter something like Theilen/Moss for Najee? maybe toss in one of my other WR to balance?

Nope I think that’s a worse trade

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lol im just trying not to over think but dont know if i need to try and push a trade or hold and see. between kupp, najee, and ekeler, im getting production, wr2 and flex are where im losing games.

@AxeElf figured you might have a hot take on this one. lean into the tilt and hold on for the ride, or pivot and pray lol