Offered a (bad) trade - worth it to counter?

Here’s what I’m offered:
Give: Jacobs
Get: Singletary & Allen Robinson

I do want a WR upgrade (and RB depth upgrades), but I’m not giving up a locked RB 1 for a WR2+RB2/Flex.

I also have Carson, McKinnen and Gibson at RB. WR are Chark, Moore, Jefferson, Deebo & Fulgham.

Out of his players, I’m much more interested in Golladay (to pair with Stafford), Gaskin, or Mixon. Maybe Lindsay.

Should I counter Jacobs+Moore for Golladay+Gaskin?
1 of McKinnen/Gibson+Moore for Golladay or Singletary+Robinson?

I’d rather not give up an RB1, but Gaskin isn’t a big drop off from Jacobs and Golladay would be a great upgrade for me. After Jacobs and Carson I don’t have much in the RB department, but might be able to trade high on McKinnen with the Mostert injury.

League is 0.5 pt PPR, 2QB

is this a PPR league?

Half point PPR. 2QB

That’s tough. You don’t have a ton of RB depth, especially for a 1/2PPR league. I think if you can get Golladay/Gaskin for Jacobs/Moore I would do it. Golladay is a big enough improvement that it’s worth it.

That being said I don’t think you’ll get him withouth throwing either Jacobs or Carson in the mix. There’s no way your McKinnen/Gibson and Moore for Golladay and Robinson would work. You’re getting an upgrade at both positions, and a big one at that.

Man, I am not being a clear writer today. I swear I’m an intelligent professional. Here’s what I was thinking:

McKinnen or Gibson + Moore for Golladay (2 for 1)
McKinnen or Gibson + Moore for Singletary + Robinson

Oh that makes more sense, lol. I would give up Moore and either combo of Gibson or McKinnon for golladay if you can swing it.

I would also do the combo for Robinson and Singletary. Robinson is a big upgrade. Not sure if opponent is going to want to part with golladay for any of that but I would do it if you could.

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