Offered A deal for my K Hunt!

.5 ppr

I’m leaving no but this one actually made me think about it for a sec

His AJ green and Davonte freeman for my K hunt and Larry fitz

My other WRs
D thomas

My other RBs
Lev bell

Very interesting. This is just my opinion, but I would actually accept that offer. I think you could use the extra help at wr, and going forward, hunt shouldn’t be too far ahead of freeman. The falcons oline is playing great.


agreed with above. freeman is a solid back. I trust him as much as hunt weekly. and you upgrade at WR.

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Right veryyyyy interesting I don’t think I can get myself to click accept tho haha hunt is so good

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And you would skip Freeman’s bye week and Green’s depending on trade rules in your league.

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Ahhhhh shoot you right damn this is a blockbuster trade

I was alrdy committed to riding my tri fecta of hunt fornette and lev bell to the playoffs I’m 5-0

I could use the game changing WR tho

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If you have fournette too this changes everything. Factoring in the bye weeks as mentioned above, and the overall trade value (you’re winning), I would definitely accept this trade offer.

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I think that’s a great trade for you considering the rest of your roster. That’s the epitome of selling at the highest point on both Hunt and Fitz for two legit consistent studs that fill needs

For your roster I feel like you have to do this. I have Hunt and Lev bell and not much would get me to move either but like stated above… I think the production rest of season won’t be too far off and you get a massive upgrade with a WR1 plus factoring in the byes it’s a substantial offer. 5-0 is nice so keep riding the wave my friend

Just my opinion, but being a Hunt owner myself… I sometimes wonder if Freeman is more valuable. He shares time with Coleman, but he’s a lock for 20 touches… Including receptions! That’s the key difference for me. It’s infuriating that Reid will put West in during 3rd downs and 2 minute drills. So in a half PPR, I’d argue Freeman is the better back. And AJ Green is much better than Fitzgerald.

Also, Freeman already had his bye.

I’d actually hit accept on this one.

YES. You’re trading a top 3 RB and a top 24 (maybe) WR for a top 5 RB and a top 2 (in my opinion) WR. You have DEPTH at stud RBs, I’d take this every day of the weekto upgrade WR and stay honestly about the same in RB