Offered A.Robinson and H.Hurst for K.Murray

Am I crazy to not accept this? For context I’m 3-5 and need wins.
My roster

Opponent: 6-2 First in my division:
K.Cousins, A.Kamara. D.Swift. D.Adams. W.Fuller M.Andrews
I may be getting the better of this trade, but giving him Murray would make him unstoppable w/his other weapons.

Tough one. I’d probably pass on that trade. It’s tough but Kyler is the better player and I think you could make a decent push if your players are healthy.

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I would try and get another player but Derek carr plays well enough and a rob is all they have in Chicago. I’m also trying to trade for him unsuccessfully

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Tough one indeed! Agreed on the pass. I picked up Brown, hopefully with Mclaurin and Jefferson, I can make a run. Maybe Eckler comes back later.

True, I want Robinson, but my issue my Opponent is in my division and his only weakness is at QB. I change that giving him Murray.

Why would you give your division foe a better QB? I would think you’d still want to make a run at winning, right? Plus, almost all of your roster is passed their bye weeks. Hurst has a Week 10 bye and Robinson has a Week 11 bye. If you need wins, stay put.

Agreed, Staying put…Cancelled the trade last night. Picked up A.B. hopefully he gives me gives me a boost. (Hyper drive)

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I would pass on it. Tough call Id be shaking in my boots having to rely on Carr each week even though his schedule is user friendly comin up

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Lol @ shaking in my boots!
Def, don’t want a ride in that Carr!