Offered a trade for Freeman, advice

14 team half point PPR. I’m 3-1 (miraculously), other team is 1-3. He needs WRs, I need a WR1. the trans are below. He offered Keenan Allen for Freeman. I want to counter with Allen and Boyd for Freeman. Looking at our teams would you counter with that or something else? OR stay as is? As you can see, a WR1 gives much needed WR depth and I hope Foreman overtakes Miller.

My team starting
QB Rivers
RBs Kamara, Freeman
WRs golladay, Brown
Flex Kerryon
TE Austin Hooper
Kicker &D stream

My team Bench
Penny, Amari Cooper, Mike Williams, D’onta Foreman, Brate, Coutee, Marquez Valdez

His team Starters
QB Wilson
RB A Morris’s, Mike Davis
WR Allen, Ridley
Flex Boyd

His team Bench
Foutnette, Josh Gordon, ridfick, Danu, zurlien, G Allison, O Howard

Could also add Cooper in the mix from my side

Which Freeman is this? D or R?

Devonta, good catch thanks!

Pump for help please