Offered Cook, Schuster for CMC

Would give up CMC for Dalvin Cook and Smith Schuster.
Here is a snapshot of my team
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If you have cmc you could have easily had the other two in the draft. No way I’m making that trade if I’m you.


Well, yes, I could have had the other 2… however I would have also been minus Miles Sanders. Which also means I would have probably ended up with Hunt for my 2nd RB instead of Woods or Brown as my WR1.

So it’s hard to look at it that way. But, I am not inclined to take this trade, either. Just making sure I shouldn’t actually be considering it, so I greatly appreciate your input.

No chance, imo.

CMC is just a different animal.

Juju isn’t going to be significantly better than AJ Green, Robert Woods or Brandon Cooks.

CMC IS going to be significantly better than Cook.

You’ve got enough solid WRs that there’s really not a strong benefit to that trade for you, imo. I’d argue Juju may not even start many weeks on your Squad, at which point all you’ve done is downgrade your RB1. Pass.


I also feel I have decent WR depth. Green and Cooks have concerns… but I also have A.J. Brown, D. Jackson… so the depth is there in amy case.

Thanks for your input, appreciate your take!

Your WR are fine. If he gives you a safer WR pick, I’d consider it. I’d prefer CMC in this scenario.

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Appreciate the input guys.
I went ahead and rejected it. I was already on that side, and seems you guys see the same things I saw