Offered Corey Davis for Allen Robinson

Actually considering it due to Bears offense sucking. I already have D. Montgomery.

10 Team Hybrid Keeper/Redraft League
1/2 PPR, 2 RB, 3 WR, TE, 2 Flex League

QB - Dak, Hurts

RB - Taylor, Montgomery, Edmonds, Chubba (lost Mostert & Etienne)

WR - Kupp, Godwin, Robinson, DJ, Sutton, Pittman

TE - Kelce

I want to trade a WR to upgrade at RB but is Davis the more valuable WR going forward?

Any feedback appreciated.

No you are trading one terrible offense for another. We know AROB >>>>>>>>>>> Davis, I would strongly recommend not trading

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Hell no. I fully expect Robinson to turn things around even if the Bears still suck. I think they will AT LEAST figure out how to get him the football. The Jets are a lost cause, as always.

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Appreciate feedback, that was my gut as well. Just frustrated with A-Rob thus far. Did just pickup Crowder & dropped D. Felton.

I never sell low on players of his Caliber. I’d rather hold. If you want to sell, see if he has a good game soon and sell right after.

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I would say as the guy above, hold for a good game. He is likely to have at least one in the coming weeks. He plays the Lions, Raiders, and Packers coming up. Chances are Dalton takes over as well. Not that Dalton is the end all of QBs, but he’ll complete more than 6 pass attempts.

My advice? Hold for that one good game. Flip him for a RB. Maybe a package. A-Rob and Edmonds for a Higher tier RB.

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I offered A-Rob & Edmonds for Zeke last week to an 0-2 Owner. He about bit but no luck.

Hindsight…deal probably not available still