Offered David Johnson for Chubb and Kupp

I’m the Chubb, Kupp owner. My other RB’s are CMC, Zeke, Mixon, and Ingram. My other WR are Green, Juju, Sanders, Gordon, and Sutton. Thoughts?

I like the thought of flipping some of your depth into potential stud pieces, but if this trade happens do you plan on playing DJ over your other RBs like CMC, Zeke, or Mixon?

Unless your plan is to trade one of those RBs for another WR1 straight up. Then you could set yourself up for a playoff run.

This is not a good trade for you. Chubb will outscore DJ in the second half and you’re giving up a to 10
WR. All you get in return? A name. Instadecline.

Thanks, it is very unlikely he plays over Mixon, Zeke, or CMC but the same can be said about Chubb, losing Kupp is a different story at least until the playoffs.

Then if I were you I’d counter the DJ trade, try and package Chubb and Kupp together for a WR1, since that is your bigger need. You are stacked at RB and don’t need DJ.

Pass. Don’t buy david johnson. That situation is not going to improve this season. In season coaching changes, even when firing coaches as bad as mccoy, rarely works out.

That’s a good idea but i’d be willing to bet someone trying to destroy this guy in a trade like this isn’t going to part with a WR1 for that combo. He may… It’s worth a shot. But i bet he wont.

They can see I don’t have a kicker and need to clear a roster spot for one this week is probably why they offered that up.

My roster rounds out with Watson, Wentz, Doyle, Olsen, and Bears. I have to do something before Sunday to get kicker if I choose. Right now I am projected to win without and hadn’t decided on the best option. Both MNF kickers are available, so I was buying time and thinking about dropping Sutton to clear the spot tomorrow, kicking the waiver to next week, but I hadn’t decided and this trade came along.

I’d love to trade for a WR1, one person in our league has OBJ, Hopkins, Thielen and Hill with no running backs and won’t budge. Another has AB and MT with even worse running backs and won’t budge either.