Offered Gurley for Fuller

Do I smash accept? Have A Jones, Jacobs and Sanders as RBs and J Jones, D Adams, Woods and Fuller as WRs. Do like the Fuller stack since i have Watson.

Like you give up Gurley for Fuller? Do not take that trade. 1) You dont have the RB depth to lose gurley and not get an RB in return and 2) Thats HORRIBLE value for Gurley

I am the Fuller Owner

He’s saying he was offered Gurley for his Fuller

I think he gets Gurley, I would say yes, and try and take Malcom Brown

Then smash that accept

I actually did and it got vetoed lol

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Why?? I don’t think trades should be vetoed unless there is obvious collusion.

Comish thought it was too one sided (gurley owner is 1-4 and I am 4-1), other league mates said it shouldnt have been vetoed and its going to go through now.