Offered Haden Hurst for Antonio Gibson, Yay or Nay?

Kyler Murray
Josh Jacobs
Austin Ekler
Terry Mclaurin
Julian Edelman
Logan Thomas
Chris Carson
Justin Tucker
DJ Chark
Antonio Gibson
Boston Scott
James Robinson
Russell Gage
Scotty Miller

I would definitely go for more with Gibson
if you wait it out he will perform next few weeks and can get better return

I thnk you should focus on upgrading WR
Edelman has played well, if full PPR even better.

Id be hapy with Jacobs, Ekeler, Carson and then McLaurin

Also a TE upgrade – maybe Fant, Gesicki, Andrews


Thanks! Funny thing is I originally drafted Gesicke, but dropped him after a dud week, figuring Miami’s offense was putrid. Leaning toward hoarding my RB’s esp after last week’s injury bug.

I was confused by the wording, but I’d agree that you should stay put. I’m a huge hurst fan as I’m a ravens fan and I believe he will get better as the year goes on, but I also rarely value TEs like RBs especially when both have upside potential. RB potential is more valuable than TE potential

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Very true about RB potential. Now that I think of it, I already have Gage and adding Hurst as well probably wouldn’t be smart since they’re on the same team. Lol @ your screen name!

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Thanks! You reminded me to put up an avatar

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Lmao, Dude from Office Space!