Offered Ingram for Martavis Bryant?

Got offered Ingram for Bryant, not sure if I should take it.

My other WRs are Alshon, Pryor, Theilen, Coleman, and Ginn. My RBs are Shady, Ajayi, Monty, T West and Abdullah.

Thanks footclan!

I’d hold off. If you drafted him, then like me you’re excited about his big games. He’s gonna have games like last week, that’s part of the deal with Martavis but he’ll have great games too. I think you’re stronger at RB than you are at WR so it wouldn’t make sense to weaken your WRs and add another RB you don’t really need. This guy is trying to buy low, don’t fall for it.

Okay, that’s what I was thinking too but I just wanted a second opinion! Thanks!