Offered Julio for Deebo Full PPR

Just got offered Julio Jones for Deebo straight up, think I should take it?

Got to assume Aiyuk is eventually involved again. For me it’s hard to believe 49ers will be so good that they can support elite rushing, a top tier te and multiple wr options.

I’d take the deal and hope that detroit d is just that bad and Deebo won’t drop those stats every time.

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Short answer: probably a good deal if you have 2 viable strong starters at WR already. The trade sells Deebo at his peak and picks up Julio at his floor.

It depends on whether you would actually start Deebo. In a 10 team league Deebo was only a low end flex play going into week 1. Deebo probably will not finish the season as a top 5 WR but he could definitely be top 15 if he’s healthy. I personally think Jones will outperform Deebo rest of season, but Week 1 was definitely not a good sign.

As a Julio Owner I would not have made this trade offer.

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I have Terry and Mike Evans as my other two WR (we have 3 starting WR in this league) and on my bench I have Bryan Edwards and in my IR Michael Thomas so I’m not super deep at WR and will try and grab a couple off waivers this week but it’s a 12 team full PPR. I just traded to get Mostert (gave up Darrel Henderson) so the injury bug has bit me early on and with Deebo’s injury history I’m afraid of keeping him and not selling high. Your thoughts?

Pretty much a matter of personal preference, as they’re pretty equal fantasy-wise, as the 2nd WR on teams that run first.