Offered Mahomes and Marlon Mack for Singletary and AJ Green..see roster inside for details, do i do it?

I have an offer for Singletary and some other pcs. My current team is Josh Allen or Kyler Murray, Amari Cooper, Cooper Kupp, Adam Thielen(now injured…just traded DJ for him last week) Dalvin Cook, Melvin Gordon, Devin Singletary, James White, Darren Waller, Matt Breida, AJ Green.

Guy offered me Mahomes, Marlin Mack an Alshon Jeffery for Singletary, AJ Green and Kyler Murray. The only thing stopping me is Singletary…seems like his true upside is beginning to get realized by the coaching staff and he is a great runner and pass catcher. I guess the question is: Is Marlon Mack a solid enough replacement for a potential blooming Singletary and is Mahomes that much better of an option? I’m really torn here, cuz if Mahomes returns to form, it should be worth it, but Mack has not been getting in the endzone, just lost his QB and doesn’t catch passes. Also Melvin Gordon makes me nervous, considering he wouldn’t have had too great of a week if he didn’t get two goal line carries. Maybe I’m overthinking it, so let me know what you think!

I think I would do this trade. The way I look at is this…

They won’t put Mahomes out there if he isn’t fully healthy so I wouldn’t worry about that. And Murray has been pretty bad as of late. I know he put up 240 and 2 against SF but you take away that one 90 yarder and with 4 minutes left in the game he was at about 150 and 1. He will always have the rushing threat but I’m going Mahomes all day here.

Mack is a tough act to sell right now with how things are going in IND with the QB but Brisset may actually play this week. And even if he doesn’t., I think Hoyer is a decent enough RB to keep a defense honest and allow Mack to still get some work.

As for the WR I don’t love it because Jeffery just got hurt (not sure if he came back in or what) and AJ Green is FINALLY suppose to be coming back, but I honestly can’t see Green doing a whole lot this season. Coming off injury, inexperienced QB, I think both Green and Jeffery are equal dart throws here.

And as for Melvin Gordon, I don’t think you have anything to worry about. They just beat the Packers so they probably aren’t going to get away from that gameplan too much. 20 attempts and 4 targets for my RB I will take all day. Not only that, but he got the job done at the goal line. I think Gordon will be good (not great) ROS.

yeah I lean this way as well. Mack should be able to produce enough to make up the difference. I think Singletary is solid ROS, but the points Mahomes will give me over Murray or Allen def outweigh the difference between Mack and Singletary I would think.