Offered Massive trade, need advice

Another person in my 10 team, half ppr league offered me this trade
I send: CMC, Derrick Henry, Woods
I recieve: MT, Adams, D. Johnson
My other rbs: Montgomery, J Robinson, Davis, Dobbins
My other wrs: Fuller, Aiyuk, Crowder

Which D. Johnson? Diontae, David, or Duke.

Too many pieces i think, no need for such a blockbuster to happen. If you want to get a WR upgrade fine, either pick CMC and Henry and try and make a deal happen there, but no need to deal both. RB’s are generally much more valuable than comparable WR’s, so you’d be rolling out a pair of RB2’s ROS while there are plenty of WR options to choose from for him.


David Johnson

No - plain and simple lol

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Don’t like it, if hold what you have.