Offered my cooper kupp and James white for Mikey Evans. Should I do it?

My team is

Melvin gordon
Kupp/James White in flex

Mike williams
Kenyan Drake
Devin Funchess

Should I do this trade? I would be having 3 excellent wrs. What do you guys think. My record is 3-2

No… You’re giving up to much IMO… I don’t think you need to make a move at all but if you do maybe target a top TE… thats about it

Absolutely not.

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OK thanks guys. I though I should use some of those players to target a stud for my flex. Wouldn’t that be an excellent move to have mike Evans in my flex spot. Our league is standard.

Yeah…not gonna lie I would totally do this. Sorry to disagree with everyone else, but that starting lineup would be bonkers, and you are not starting Kupp and White at the same time anyway. Sure it’s good to have depth, but eventually you need to take a risk and get the best starting lineup you can, and this would be a great one.

I am not high on Evans with Winston under center. Terrible quarterback. Koetter is a terrible coach. I don’t own Cupp or White on any of my teams but I sure as hell wish I did. You’ll need the depth through the bye weeks. Pass on this trade. 2c

You mean like two years ago where Evans was with Winston and Koetter and had 96 for 1321 and 12? haha I also like White and Kupp, but is there a discussion if you can only start 1 of these 3 guys which one it is? You can acquire depth for bye weeks and Drake and Funchess aren’t the end of the world.

This is what I was thinking. It is nice to have depth but at the end of the day I would have stars all around my starting lineup, and stars win matchups. I mean it gets to a point where depth has a price, and I think mike Evans is a good price. They have an AWFUL defense and no running game, they will be passing the ball all the time.

What do you guys think?

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