Offered Noah Fant + Keenan Allen for James Robinson

12 Team Standard Scoring
Current Team:
QB - Russell Wilson
RB- Nick Chubb
RB - Jonathan Taylor
WR - Tyler Lockett
WR - Terry McLaurin
TE - Evan Engram
FLX - James Robinbson

TE- Drew Sample
TE- Jordan Reed
RB - Nyheim Hines
RB - Antonio Gibson
WR- Jerry Jeudy
WR- TY Hilton

I’m weak at TE and WR depth. What do you think? I give away James Robinson in this deal.

I wouldn’t trade James Robinson for that. It’s not clear what Allen will be this year with the QB situation for the Chargers.

Noah Fant is great, but Drew Sample might turn out to be pretty good if he keeps getting high volume. Also, Engram could be good once the Giants schedule opens up.

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Thanks! That’s more or less what I was thinking. I was just hoping someone else would feel the same way as a sanity check.

I would try trading away one of the lower guys (Gibson, Hines) and see if they bite on that before trying to trade away Robinson. He’s been beast.

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You don’t have to consider this trade this week. I say revisit after one more week to gather more intel since you have Reed #Rule81