Offered ODell for Howard

Standard Scoring League

I was offered ODell for Howard.

My Current RBs
L Miller

Current WRs
C Davis
M Williams

Do it. No question

Accept that now Odell had 11 for 100+ against Ramsey he will only get better

Is it worth seeing if they’ll bit on Conner and Miller package, his RBs are awful.

I would rather have Conner and Miller at this point over Howard. Conner will be a RB1 every week Bell is out, and this could drag out a while (the Steelers removed him from the depth chart on their website today). Plus, you could always try to trade him to the Bell owner for some good value if he is getting nervous and loses a couple weeks. I think Miller and Howard are pretty even and Miller has a pretty decent schedule the next few weeks.

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Sometimes it’s better to accept a great deal like this one instead of trying to negotiate and lose all of it. Take the trade

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take the deal and run,

Do it now!

Took it!

Thanks ya’ll

Bye bye Howard hello stupid haired stud!