Offered Peterson and Lockett for M. Ingram

It’s a full point PPR league. The guy is offering me Peterson and Lockett for Mark Ingram.

I am not going to lie, Peterson scares me.

My runningbacks right now are S. Barkley, Aaron Jones, Mark Ingram, and K. Drake. Wideouts are: Aj Green, S. Diggs, Godwin, Allison, M. Williams.


Pretty lowball offer IMO

That’s what I was thinking too… I thought my eyes could be missing something.

Nah you’re right, Ingram is worth more than that. Good reason to be scared of AP also, I don’t like him very much

He has Mike Evans, A. Theilen, and Mike Thomas at Wideouts. Do you think any of them are possible?

I was even thinking about countering with something along the lines of Aj Green and Ingram for P. Linsey and Mike Thomas, or Mike Evans in place of Thomas.

AJ Green & Ingram for Lindsay & Michael Thomas is fair IMO. I would rather keep Green and Ingram though. Ingram is going to be very good

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I hear you on that. I like Ingram’s potential myself. I waited this long for him to come back from fantasy prison, and with his bye out of the way after this week it just keeps looking better.