Offered something Interesting (Cooks)

So I was offered Brandon Cooks and Matthew Stafford for Demaryius Thomas in 1 pt. PPR…

My current team:
QB: Manning, Luck (on IR)

RB: Hunt, McCaffrey, Anderson, Charles

WR: M Thomas, D Thomas, Parker, M Bryant, Hurns

TE: Rudolph, Eifert


FWIW, I just listened to a bit of a podcast that said DeMaryius Thomas is a sell-high candidate. They were basically looking to bail out on him. I know Cooks has been boom/bust, but as a Cooks owner myself, I’m hoping for improved chemistry between Brady and Cooks as time goes on. I’d rather have Cooks than Thomas so I’d do this deal.

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Did they give a reason for selling high on Demaryius? Just curious.

No, and actually they may not have said sell-high. They had Thomas and Jay Ajayi and people they were willing to sell for whatever they could get. I think that’s bad strategy. Anyway, it’s very funny that right after I wrote that, I listened to the CBS podcast and they were NOT willing to sell low on Thomas. The main concern with Thomas is that Sanders is getting more targets and more red-zone targets than Thomas and who knows if that will change. I still like Cooks, but he may be boom/bust all season and that’s frustrating.

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