Offered This Trade (PPR)

He wants Duke Johnson Jr and Stefon Diggs for Alex Smith and Dez Bryant.

My Roster:
J. Goff
M. Gordon
D. Murray
T. Hill
S. Diggs
T. Kroft
R. Woods

D. Henry
D. Johnson Jr.
TY Hilton
A. Morris
A. Abdullah

I’d like to lock up the Smith/Hill stack especially for the Giants and a softer schedule moving forward for the playoffs. Hate to give up Diggs as my WR2, but will Dez be servicable especially now that Elliot is gone?

Also its Full Point PPR.

try doing hilton and DJ for smith and bryant. diggs when healthy has been great and they dont have a terrible schedule ROS. Dez hasnt had a great year, has some sort of ankle injury and that Oline is bad without tyrone smith at LT.

I would not want Dez this year. Diggs is a better WR. I would try and work a 2 for 1 to aquire Smith if you really want him.